By Anthony Lucivero, Advocacy Fellow

Dear gentle USGBC MA readers, 

I bring urgent news to you.  The MA Green Budget needs your help to ensure just 1% of the state budget goes to environmental agencies and programs. We need speedy action on your part; the deadline is 2pm by Friday, April 15th! I urge you to visit this page, enter your contact information, and submit the pre-written letter to your State Representative.  It will take you 30 seconds maximum, and it's critical that your Representative hear from you.

From ELM's website:

“The Environmental League of Massachusetts and 75+ organizations are pushing for the state budget to include funding restorations for key environmental agencies and programs.  The Massachusetts House Committee on Ways & Means just released its budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2017.  Through amendments, the House will add funding to the budget.  We have until this Friday afternoon at 2pm to get as many State Representatives as possible signed on as co-sponsors to the top priority Green Budget amendments, to help increase funding for agencies that have experienced significant budget cuts in recent years.”

Again, click here to go to the petition!  Don't let funding for our crucial environmental protection work slip through the cracks. 

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