By Grey Lee

What a great evening – what a gathering of luminaries!

It was epic, massive and hearty. When our people come out of the woodwork, they really come out. It was over 250 people from all aspects of the industry, design to construction to operation of buildings.


Connecting the innovation economy to the real estate world.

Greentown Labs was the perfect place to catch the vibe of good old New England innovation and Yankee ingeneuity.


Championing the building tech part of clean tech.

Clean tech gets a lot of attention. And yet I'll bet 90% of all cleantech is on, in, or attached to a building.


Acknowledging the inherent connection between green buildings and the dynamics of innovation.

Green buildings and our practitioners are and have always been at the forefront of innovation in the construction and real estate industry. It's a long-term legacy.


Celebrating the growing strength of our industry in moving toward sustainability in the built environment.

It was great to celebrate and make connections.


All this and more – happened and the Building Tech Forum last night.


Thank you to all who came out to create a thriving critical mass of interaction.


Thank you for supporting our mission for MORE GREEN BUILDINGS!


You can take a look at some pics on Flickr here.





A Special Thanks to all our Sponsors who helped us put on the event: 


We also want to thank all of our displaying sponsors, who demonstrated innovative and sustainable new technologies, products, and services: 

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