The construction industry is moving quickly towards greener, high-performing buildings, creating increased demand across the country for sustainable building skills.

GPRO Construction Management (CM) explains the essential role CMs play on a sustainable construction project. Taught by industry experts using real-life classroom exercises, GPRO CM gives experienced building professionals the critical tools to transition from conventional to sustainable construction practices.

GPRO CM is ideal for a range of construction and real estate professionals including:

  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Project managers and site superintendents
  • Foremen
  • Estimators
  • Project architects and engineers
  • Building owners and facilities managers

This 12-hour certificate course can be scheduled to meet the needs of your organization. Certificate exam is included.


Part 1: Fundamentals of Building Green

  • Economic and health benefits of green building
  • Causes and impacts of a changing climate
  • Transitioning to sustainable construction practices
  • Understanding LEED
  • Overview of green building strategies
  • The importance of commissioning (systems quality assurance)

Part 2: Construction Management 

  • The CM’s role in the pre-construction phase of a project
  • Integrating green building systems into the construction schedule
  • Creating and using tools to implement energy efficiency strategies
  • Communicating sustainable construction processes to subcontractors and trades
  • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
  • Construction Indoor Air Quality
  • Construction Waste Management
  • Critical actions to ensure success during the submittals, rough-in, and fit-out phases
  • The CM’s role in commissioning (Cx) and working effectively with the Cx agent
  • Implementing a post-occupancy review and assessment process


GPRO Construction Management qualifies for 10 AIA and GBCI CE Credits.

See for details.

PHIUS Certified Builders Training

Builder's Training Class, Urbana, Illinois

Continuing Education

Builders Training Earns

32.5 CPHC CEU 32.5 AIA HSW
12.75 BPI CEU

Become a PHIUS Certified Builder!

Superinsulation, air-tight envelopes, high-performance window installation, site management, component sourcing–passive house construction presents special challenges to builders. The PHIUS Builders Training program prepares construction professionals to meet the passive house challenge.

Dan Whitmore, Mike Kernagis, Natalie Leonard and Adam Cohen–who have built 25+ successful passive house projects between them–developed the curriculum. It runs from an introduction to design theory and climate-specific detailing to materials, techniques, project management, and quality assurance.

The course offers real-world experience in the on-site implementation of passive house as well as counseling and advice to both the practical and business concerns specific to passive house. The course covers not only craftsmanship, but also focuses on the risks and liability to the passive house contractor and guidance in both problem solving and (more importantly) problem avoidance.

The full program runs four days.

Course Highlights

  • Learn general passive house principles
  • Classroom and field focus on envelope issues
  • HVAC considerations and testing
  • Cost optimization/bidding
  • QA/QC process


To become a PHIUS Certified Builder, students must:

  • Complete and return the qualifying exam within three weeks of completing class (exam requires separate registration, see below)
  • Earn a passing grade of 75%
  • Provide proof of licensure & insurance for jurisdictions where they are required

PHIUS Certified Builders are listed on the PHIUS online database of Certified Builders, and are licensed to use the PHIUS Certified Builder logo and accompanying recommended language.