Tomorrow morning, March 1st, we will be holding a morning education session on LEEDv4 Integrative Process, with guest speaker Peter Gorer.

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This session introduces integrative dynamics tools that green building stakeholders – owners, users, designers, builders – can use to strengthen collaborations and stimulate creativity.

Whether key stakeholders are focused on the design, delivery or operation of high performance green buildings, a common theme is that there is need to navigate peer-to-peer relationships effectively and address situations with few single right answers.

In promoting greater team collaboration, the LEEDv4 Integrative Process (IP) Credit focuses attention on important considerations such as the assembly of an integrated core project team, early systems modeling, the development of OPR statements, and design charrettes. However, these are only some of the necessary steps toward the transformation of traditional distributive practices into meaningful integrative relationships. There is also an urgent need to increase the strength and resilience of collaborative initiatives day-to-day.

Using commonly-encountered scenarios, participants will discover that discord doesn’t have to mean failure, but could be a signal for hidden opportunity. We will explore situations where small changes could lead to big gains; and attendees will discover tools that can help them prepare for negotiations more efficiently.

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
50 Milk St, 18th Floor, Hemingway Room
Boston, MA, 02109

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