By Alexander Landa

Next summer, our friends over at Biomimicry New England will be holding a four-day workshop on biomimicry & resilience in Gloucester, MA. From June 4th to 8th, 2017, you can learn how to build a resilient world, but you'll be learning in a unique environment. Really. You'll have the chance to learn about biomimicry by taking courses in a kayak, among other natural settings.

Taken from their event page:

Biomimicry is the practice of emulating life’s time-tested strategies and deep patterns to generate sustainable designs. Resilience is the ability of a system to continue to function following a disturbance such as those brought on by climate destabilization, economic bursts, and social instability. Biomimicry offers a lens to learn about resilience in natural systems, and provides tools to help build community resilience. Biomimicry offers a new way of valuing nature and designing in life-friendly ways that can help us address our pressing need to design and maintain resilient systems in an ever-changing world.

In this 4-day course, we’ll explore the foundations and practice using the tools of Biomimicry to solve resilience challenges. Your instructors will guide your discovery of life’s amazing strategies in local ecosystems and how these strategies can inspire solutions to human challenges. This course is designed for students and professionals who want to learn the core principles and practices of Biomimicry and how they relate to resilience.

Register by February 15th
Sunday 6/4/2017 – Thursday 8/8/2017
Gloucester MA

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