By Alexander Landa

You know what goes well with green buildings? Natural snacks! (Hey they're both healthy…) 

Clif Bar, a dominant name is trail snacks, recently opened up a new bakery in Twin Falls, ID, that makes this company not only innovators for healthy eating, but for healthy, sustainable design.

This new location is 300,00 square feet of healthy, biophilic design that comes in a tasty wrapper of 200+ windows, vaulted skylights, and other elements leading to a design healthier for the environment, and for its inhabitants. The company will be leaving a much smaller carbon footprint now, and will be much more energy efficient. 


It keeps getting better. In part due to its biophilic design, Clif Bar's new bakery uses 37% less water and 21% less energy than the common bakery we see every day. Oh, and 100% of the electricity comes from green & renewable energy via Renewable Energy Credits.

This is only the beginning of what this building has to offer. To get the rest of the details, read the full story at Inhabitat – it's all really cool stuff.

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