By Alexander Landa

Join Chapter Member, and former Director, Nathan Gauthier for an exciting look at the health effects of buildings.

Anyone interested in improving outcomes in buildings will benefit from this upcoming class at Harvard Extension: “High Performance Buildings for Occupant Wellbeing.” 

Many organizations are requiring better, greener buildings. As a community of practitioners, we are working hard to meet this demand. The class will dive into materials & transparency, renovation trends, equipment, and energy disclosure. 

Students will focus on the impact of the built environment on an individual's well-being, workplace productivity, and comfort levels. You will have a chance to explore what makes a building healthy and comfortable, and how can one influence a building's design for health outcomes. 

This will surely be an engaging class for everyone who takes it! Whether you're new to the green building industry, or already a veteran, your will gain new insight as a professional.

Guest speakers to include:

–        Dr. Steven Lockley from Harvard’s Sleep Medicine Institute – Did you know looking at an iPhone screen before bed can have significant impact on your sleep?

·        Nada Tarkhan from Arup – How can you use DIVA to optimize daylighting?

·        Tom McGraw from Acentech – What’s the best way to improve acoustics in schools?

·        Dr. Robin Dodson from Silent Spring Institute – Did you know harmful semi-volatile organic compounds used in fireproofing stay in your house for a very long time?

Learn more here.

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