Last night (April 26th), the USGBC MA community took an evening tour of the highly-innovative Eddy, a high-end apartment complex developed by Gerding Edlen. The 250-unit building is proof that not only can a building be beautiful and functional, but it can also be incredibly good for the environment, as evident by its LEED Gold Certification. 

Starting off with a casual networking session with drinks and refreshments, attendees were excited to explore the lower levels of the building, primarily common space for residents to enjoy, such as an outdoor patio, a pool table, chairs by the water, and more.
 Thank you to Renee Loveland for opening up the night and talking about Gerding Edlen's devotion to sustainability, and what makes The Eddy so unique.

From there, the large crowd broke off into two groups to see what really makes this building tick. One of The Eddy's most exciting features is the state-of-the-art co-generation plant on site, that generates the electricity and hot water for the entire building. It's amazing to see this up-close and personal – building design has come a long, long way in recent years.

Once the tour circulated to all of the display apartments, most of the time all you could hear were whispers of “oh, wow” – these are amazing layouts. 


One of the unique things the crowd has ever seen was the robotic parking system, which is a clever way of having someone park their car onto a landing platform, pulling it into a vertical row of cars (3 cars high!) and arranging the cars robotically. This way, so much space is conserved by condensing the space taken up as opposed to a full parking lot. 
It's like Tetris, except your thumbs and eyes don't hurt afterward.

There was so much to see during this tour, and it really left a lasting impact on everyone who attended. Between the mechanical rooms, outdoors facilities, common spaces, roof decks, and apartments, The Eddy raises the bar for what a residential complex can achieve.

Thanks to all Eddy staff and Gerding Edlen guests for holding this tour for us!

See more pictures here.


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