We're happy to announce that we are working with the City of Boston to bring you a training session on how to use Energy Star Portfolio Manager and comply with BERDO on April 11th. 

Learn more and register HERE.

In the first half of the session, we will go over BERDO ordinance basics, compliance requirements, and steps to comply. The second half of the training will go into further detail on utility data aggregation and how to use Portfolio Manager, the free software used for energy benchmarking.

Part I (30 mins): Overview of Boston Energy Benchmarking Ordinance 

  1. Provide Ordinance Overview
  2. Identify Covered Properties and Review the Notification Process
  3. Review Compliance Timeline and Requirements
  4. Explain Benchmarking Roles and Discuss the Compliance Steps
  5. Q&A

Part II (45 mins): Step-by-Step Ordinance Compliance Requirements

  1. How to Set up ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Account
  2. How to Request Whole Building Energy Use Information from Utilities
  3. How to Meet Energy Data Verification Requirements
  4. How to Report Building Data to the City of Chicago
  5. Review Additional Support and Resources
  6. Q&A
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