By Stephanie MacNeil, Emerging Professionals Committee

This year’s annual sustainable dinner was a welcome chance for a hearty warm meal on a rare bitterly cold evening this winter.  Moods were warmed through the mingling of members of the USGBC and the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) who for the evening shared the common cause of learning how the lighting we place in our buildings affects more than just our ability to see where we walk—everything from interference with bird migratory patterns, disruption of our natural circadian rhythms, the loss of our ancestral connection to the starry night sky, and a poetic reminder that light is as much art as it is science.

Thank you to Jane Slade of RAB Lighting for presenting and sponsoring the evening.

Great conversation was had over a dinner of locally raised pork, vegetables and grains as we were informed by Chef Nookie who made a special appearance at the end of the evening.  And just when we thought the night couldn’t get any better – there was make your own brownie sundaes, it was a sweet ending to be sure!

A huge thank you to Commonwealth for hosting and feeding us, and to RAB Lighting for sponsoring and “enlightening” us (no pun intended).



Special thanks are also due to the organizing group of Kristin Malyak, Stephanie MacNeil and Jenna Dancewicz of the Emerging Professionals Committee. It was a great night out!


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