BE+ 2022 Sustainability Scavenger Hunt

Honor Mother Earth with an electrifying Earth Month scavenger hunt!

A 2 Week+ Virtual Scavenger Hunt. Join from Anywhere on the Globe!

???? Virtual Kickoff Event:

April 21st, 2022, 5:30-6:30pm ET

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???? Scavenger Hunt Live:

April 22nd – May 8th, 2022

Register Here (anytime through May 8, 4pm ET)

???? Celebration Event: 

May 12th, 2022

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Photo, video, and text-based missions to inform, engage, and inspire your people

to rise up to the biggest mission we’ve ever faced – saving the planet from ourselves!

The Tree Hugger

Soaked in a Rain Garden



Bouncing Off the (Vegetated) Wall

Hang On To Your Hats

What's this all about?

It is that time of year again! ???? Get the crew back together or start a new team and join us for some friendly competition! ????  Show your squad has what it takes to tackle the second annual BE+ Scavenger Hunt and explore sustainable practices together in your own neighborhood. ????????Complete as many missions as you can for the chance to win prizes and awards! ????

Participation in last year’s event absolutely blew away our expectations — 18 teams completed over 450 missions!! As a result, Built Environment Plus has worked hard to put together a fresh, renewed scavenger hunt so that the community can once again come together and celebrate earth month, and the arrival of spring, with a fun competition. The BE+ Scavenger Hunt will once more be hosted digitally by goosechase* and will allow teams of 4, or larger for families, to complete a series of photo, video, and text based missions to gain points over 16 days spanning three weekends. The game is self paced, with the exception of 7 missions that are aligned with days of the week. Complete as many missions from the list as you can! 

Built Environment Plus hosted a virtual Kickoff Event on April 21st that set the stage for the weeks ahead, went over rules and FAQs, answered additional questions, and helped facilitate team formation. The hunt went live Earth Day morning (April 22nd) and the fun has begun! Registration and team creation will be live throughout the duration of the 17 day runtime, so you can join in at any time. Our winning team last year joined mid-way! The game ends on May 8th, and then we will come together outdoors the evening of May 12th for a celebration event, where we will announce the winning team and give out some great prizes.

View last year’s scavenger hunt here!

What you'll need to do


  1. Find teammates (or go alone and we can help you pair up later)
  2. Register for access as an individual or a team
  3. Download the Goosechase app
  4. Create an account on Goosechase
  5. Sign into the BE+ game with access codes provided after registration
  6. Create your team or find one to join


  • You are ready to start! ????
  • April 21st, 5:30pm EST: Kickoff event to learn more and share in the excitement – View Recording
  • April 22nd, 8:00am EST: game is live in goosechase!


  • Complete as many missions as you can by 4:00pm EST on May 8th
  • Continually monitor your submissions over the span of the game. A BE+ admin will either accept your submission or return it with comments. Resubmissions are allowed, and for full points!


*Please note that at least 1 player on your team needs a smartphone order to play. Download the app here.

Calendar Overview

Build Your Team

A wise woman once said: “teamwork makes the dreamwork”. In the BE+ Sustainability Scavenger Hunt, teamwork and communication will be key. Below are some teamwork tips and information:

Team Requirements:

  • Teams are limited to 4 Adults 18yrs or older, children not limited. Teams sizes of 1 to 3 are allowed. Atleast 1 Adult 18yrs or older is required per team.
  • You will have 3 options for deciding your teammates:
    1. Join a team created by another player through the goosechase app.
    2. Create a team for others to join through the goosechase app.
    3. Request a team assignment from a BE+ administrator.
  • Interested in a bulk rate for teams? Contact communications@builtenvironment



  • Teams do not need to meet in person, but will need to coordinate their mission entries.
  • BE+ will host a digital communications space on Slack for your team to stay connected with each other and with all teams and players during the runtime of the scavenger hunt. This can include a private team channel, private direct messaging, and public channels for camaraderie, questions, and more.

Additional Guidance:

  • When the scavenger hunt goes live, you will see the full list of available missions. Your team should draft a rough plan of which missions will be completed by whom. There will also be some time-limited surprise missions that get announced throughout the hunt.
  • Missions can be completed either collaboratively or by an individual team member. However, each mission can only be submitted by one member per team in the goosechase app. That mission will then disappear from the whole team’s mission list.
  • Team prizes will be awarded to each team member.


. Do I have to live in Massachusetts to participate?

  • Absolutely not, all of our missions were designed so that they can be completed from anywhere on the globe!

I’m having trouble with goosechase, what are my resources?

Do I have to complete every mission?

  • You do not need to complete every mission to win (although last year the winning team was able to finish every mission).

What exactly are the daily missions?

  • During the first full week of the scavenger hunt, Monday April 25th to Sunday May 1st, there will be a total of 7 daily missions – one for each day. They can only be completed on that given day between 8:00am EDT and 10:00pm EDT. Complete all daily missions to earn bonus points!
  •  The mission will show up automatically in your list at this time and disappear upon its expiration. These missions are comparable to the others, only themed to align with that day of the week. Don’t worry if you miss one day, a daily mission save is available for the same point value. 

How does BE+ ensure submissions meet the criteria?

  • All submissions will be individually reviewed by a BE+ administrator. If a submission is not accepted, it will reappear with comments explaining why it was returned. Feel free to try these missions again until the final deadline for the same quantity of points.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can have per team?

  • Yes, each team can have no more than four adults (aged 18+). However, there is no limit to the number of youth players that can participate per team. All youth can play for free with at least one adult required per team.

My whole team participated in a mission, do we get bonus points?

  • If a submission meets the specified criteria, your team will receive full points regardless of if the submission was completed by one team member or all team members. 

How is the overall winner determined?

  • Each mission is worth an assigned point value. When a mission submission is approved by BE+ your team will be awarded that full amount of points. The team with the most total points at the end of the scavenger hunt will be declared the winner.

What happens if there is a tie in total team points?

  • BE+ will review the quality of each individual submission of the tied teams to determine the winner.

What if I still have an unanswered question? How will I get support while participating in the scavenger hunt?

  • While we did our best to clarify, we expect that we missed something you have a question about. Please reach out to or call us at 617-752-2422 and we will be happy to assist. This FAQ section will also be updated as needed.
  • If you are a participant in the scavenger hunt, access will be provided to a shared slack channel #hints-tips-questions which will serve as an interactive FAQ for real time support and collaboration with fellow players and BE+ staff.

What to know about health & safety

  • All missions in the scavenger hunt are designed to be completed in accordance with current COVID-19 safety guidelines. All missions can either be completed outdoors or inside your household. 
  • Built Environment Plus assumes no responsibility for any illnesses contracted or injuries suffered by participants.


Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to sponsor, simply e-mail Eli Beckerman at or call the office line at 617-752-2422. Custom sponsorship packages can be tailored to suit your needs and interests, including prize giveaways, engagement opportunites, and public relations support.

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