The Green Engineer, Inc.

The Green Engineer is a sustainable design consulting firm specializing in solutions to design, build, and operate buildings with improved energy efficiency and reduced impact on the environment. Founded in 2005 by Chris Schaffner, PE, LEED Fellow, the firm has a technical staff of eleven LEED-Accredited Professionals. The expert team brings to the table experience and perspective from a variety of backgrounds including engineering, architecture, construction, planning, development, and public policy.

The Green Engineer practices Integrative Design and sees sustainability as a core goal shared by design team members and stakeholders. Their practice uses tools such as energy and daylight modeling and life-cycle assessment of materials to analyze performance and inform decision-making. They also consult for non-LEED clients, including affordable housing and other non-profit developers. To date, they have managed or been involved in more than 100 LEED certified projects in New England and around the country.

The Green Engineer works with a wide variety of clients that range from architects and engineers, to organizations and institutions from the public, private, academic/research, and non-profit sectors. In addition, The Green Engineer provides energy modeling services to several regional utility companies.

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